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The TAGteam consists of talented individuals with backgrounds in computer science, engineering, human-computer interaction, human factors, graphic and interface design, psychology and sociology.

Usability and Design of Conversational Voice Interfaces for Older Adults

Conversational voice interfaces are becoming more prevalent in society and in the commercial market, such as Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. These interfaces have great potential to improve the experience of interacting with technology through using one’s voice. These interfaces can be beneficial for older adults in particular, as they can help address digital accessibility barriers such as loss of vision, mobility impairments, and cognitive impairments. It has been shown that older adults are very receptive to conversational voice interfaces, as a more natural way of interacting with technology. However, many usability issues still currently exist in these interfaces. These usability issues risk digitally marginalizing older adults from adopting and using these new technologies. Our work explores the usability issues that exist in these interfaces for older adults, and explores the development of a set of principles that will help improve the design and usability of conversational voice interfaces for older adults.


Design guidelines for hands-free speech interaction

Title: Design guidelines for hands-free speech interaction
Authors: Christine Murad, Cosmin Munteanu, Leigh Clark, Benjamin R. Cowan
Date: September 2018
Event: MobileHCI ’18

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