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The TAGteam consists of talented individuals with backgrounds in computer science, engineering, human-computer interaction, human factors, graphic and interface design, psychology and sociology.

Take Me With You

A Fitness Game for Families

The shared adventure game Take Me With You is intended to encourage physical activity, cognitive stimulation, and social engagement, by using these elements to move the narrative of the game forward. Seniors partner with their grandchildren to play together even when they’re not in the same place or time zone.

Take Me With You’s pedometer-driven gameplay lets players walk in their own homes to travel on the game’s virtual map. Players create and collect digital treasures together through interaction and collaborative gameplay. These digital treasures can come in the form of photo collages of the players or collaborative spoken stories.

Encouraging positive, lifelong habits plays a key part in staying fit and engaged in life. Regular walking can be a protective factor against countless diseases including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and depression. Shared activities with family can provide valuable inspiration for those who are not otherwise inclined to exercise or tend to self-isolate. This project explores mobile fitness games designed specifically to enable seniors and children to play together, with their particular needs in mind.

Take Me With You is under development in the summer of 2011 as a proof of concept game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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