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The TAGteam consists of talented individuals with backgrounds in computer science, engineering, human-computer interaction, human factors, graphic and interface design, psychology and sociology.

Designing a Contextual Aid for Older Adults to Support Mobile Technology Adoption

Technology adoption factors such as the protection of autonomy, perceived familiarity, and avoiding anxiety are key to the adoption of mobile technologies by older adults. These factors must be addressed in the design of interactions geared towards this population, else products in this space will fail to be adopted by their intended audience. We have designed, developed and evaluated an interactive tactile aid for tablets that addresses the challenge of adoption of mobile technologies with older adults. The help system seeks to assist older adult users in effectively adopting mobile technologies by providing them with contextually pertinent information about the user’s current position in the interface. The interactive tactile aid for tablets proposed in this paper brings together the existing learning preferences of older adults with a tangible and tactile interaction method. By delivering relevant information to the user at the time of need, the system aims to provide older adults with the means to familiarize themselves with their immediate environment when they become confused by an interface and its functions.


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