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The TAGteam consists of talented individuals with backgrounds in computer science, engineering, human-computer interaction, human factors, graphic and interface design, psychology and sociology.

Bereavement Support Technologies

One part of aging that we must all face is the loss of a loved one. Like many other parts of the human experience, technology increasingly impacts the ways in which bereaved family members communicate and behave following the death of a loved one. However, little is known about the nature of technology use by the bereaved. We have recently completed a study employing questionnaires and interviews with bereaved individuals regarding their use of technology. Analysis of this data indicates an opportunity for technology to provide emotional and social support for family members following the death of a loved one.

We are currently developing a new ambient display system, called Besupp, which connects bereaved parents together with their social support networks in an intimate and sensitive way. This project is being developed in conjunction with Bereaved Families of Ontario – Toronto, and the COPING Centre in Cambridge, Ontario.


Matters of Life and Death

Title: Matters of life and death: Locating the end of life in lifespan-oriented HCI research
Authors: Massimi, M., Odom, W., Banks, R., and Kirk, D.
Date: 2009
Event: CHI 2011, 987-996

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Dealing With Death in Design

Title: Dealing with death in design: Developing systems for the bereaved
Authors: Massimi, M., and Baecker, R.
Date: 2011
Event: CHI 2011, 1001-1010

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A Death in the Family

Title: A Death in the Family: Opportunities for designing technologies for the bereaved
Authors: Massimi, M., and Baecker, R.
Date: 2010
Event: CHI 2010, 1821-1830 (Best paper award nomination)

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Dying, Death, and Mortality

Title: Dying, death, and mortality: Towards Thanatosensitivity in HCI
Authors: Massimi, M., and Charise, A.
Date: 2009
Event: CHI 2009, Extended Abstracts, 2459-2468

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Other Projects

CrossRoads: Fostering Culture Exchange between Grandparents and Grandchildren in Immigrant Families


PhotoFlow: A Mobile Digital Tabletop Picture-Mediated Sharing of Older Adults’ Family Memories


Designing Acceptable Virtual Doctors